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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

lump sum entry

salam semua..i'm back..

it have been too long for me for not updating my blog..sorry..i'm quite busy lately..family first..(n_*)v

okay..let's see..what's in here..

1st photo..is about my aunt order..this was the figure before i hands on her..previously, usu ordered 40pcs lollichocs which i missed to capture the end products! hehehe..but..it's okay, as long as everyone was happy that day while getting the lolli 1pc per person..hehehe.thanx usu!

2nd photo..this 2sets of 15pcs assorted chocs ordered by my husband's colleagues, last week..in order to post to their boyfriends i think..hehe..lately this type is the most wanted/popular/regular demand..so nextime i will be adding my box collection for this type a bit more than others..owh..by the way..they also craving for 20pcs loose set for self indulgence..hehehe..thanx all..pls do not hesitate to place ur order in future!

photo num 3..this photo looks packed..husband's lead order all these sets for CNY, she brought these chocs to KL for her relatives i think..many thanx kak ita! oopss..the yellowish box is for kak ekin..together with the lollichocs..aaahh..i have not much time to separate this for who n who..huhuhu

4th photo..maya ordered 35pcs chocs..with wordings "we love u baba" (on behalf of her son) a birthday wishes n gift to her husband..

end of entry...sorry all..i'm having lack of time n space to updates in detail..

for all customers..MANY THANX!!

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